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It provides an allegorical comparison between the political affairs of France and Britain during the early 1790s. On the left, the British constitution is depicted as a rock surrounded by the symbols of constitutional monarchy and engraved with the word ‘unanimity’. The silhouettes of King George III and Queen Charlotte can be seen on either side of the rock.

France meanwhile is represented by a fearsome hydra, whose writhing limbs crush the old French flag and the scales of justice. Four of the creature’s heads are consuming crowns and fleur-de-lis representing the members of the French Royal family, whilst the fifth breathes fire towards Great Britain. Within the body of the serpent it is possible to pick out the silhouettes of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Princess Marie Thérèse and the Dauphin Louis Charles.

There’s no date or publication information but the subject matter is consistent with numerous prints which were published in England following the execution of Louis XVI and the outbreak of war with France in early 1793.

The print is small, measuring approximately 3 x 4½ inches and was possibly intended to by pasted into pocket book, diary, snuff box, or other similarly-sized item.