photo(2)C.J. Grant, The Hungry Epicure Disappointed, c.1832

A quick update to share this image of a fabulous ink and wash sketch by C.J. Grant.

It was originally part of a set of five hand-drawn caricatures by Grant which sold at Bonhams in 2010 for the princely sum of £4,000. The set was evidently then broken up, as this drawing has just resurfaced on the market on its own and is currently being offered for sale by a private dealer.

Although I have been unable to locate any reference to a printed version of this image online, a copy of one of the drawings sold alongside this picture in 2010 had appeared in issue twelve of an obscure radical journal entitled  John Bull’s Picture Gallery (1832). It is therefore possible that this image was also a proof for a caricature which subsequently appeared in another edition of the same magazine.

The image itself is a fairly straight-forward piece of humour. A hideous old gentleman sits at his breakfast table in ravenous anticipation of his latest repast. “Come, come, Dame”, he asks his equally grotesque housekeeper, “…isn’t my Eggs and Bacon done yet, I’m literally famish’d in waiting.” “I am very sorry to inform your Worship”, the woman responds, “…that just as I had done em’ so nice, all this here soot fell into the pan.” To prove her point, she holds up a huge skillet into which the kitchen chimney has recently deposited a towering pile of ash.

It looks like it’s going to be cereal for breakfast again.